Leyton Midland Road Overground Station

A small garden to pep up your daily commute


Leyton Midland Road Overground Station

Up-cycled oil drums as planters at Leyton Midland Station

The small garden at Leyton Midland Road is a collaboration between London Overground employees Chrissie Soobramoney and Geoffrey. Mark Cummings Garden Design and Forest Flora volunteers. A combination of shrubs and pollinator friendly plants and bulbs were chosen to create a sustainable garden with lots of seasonal interest rather than rely on poorer value bedding plants. The garden has been extended over the years with the installation of up cycled oil drums (thoroughly cleaned)! These drums make the perfect large planters and are filled with beautiful plants. when the gardens are being maintained there are lots of enthusiastic comments from commuters as they pass though.

Leyton Midland Flower Bed
Flower bed Leyton Midland Road Station
Flower Bed Leyton Midland Road Station
Flower bed before the works

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Midland Road, Leyton
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