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Bloom In Stow

This is a project to celebrate the Walthamstow community. The aim is to create a visible expression of positivity, linking communities and promoting wellbeing through planting. We plan to deliver flower seeds to 1000 homes across the Higham Hill, William Morris and Chapel End wards, and twin streets with flower beds in vacant land and verges, to create attractive displays for pollinators and residents.

The idea is for people of individual households to plant seeds in recycled kitchen containers like yogurt pots or fruit punnets, and grow seedlings on their windowsill. They can then keep them to enjoy at their home, or plant them out in public spaces in designated places across the wards. The model of distribution utilises the amazing networks that neighbours have set up during the Covid 19 crisis. We understand not all seeds will get planted, but hope people will reach out to a volunteer for support in planting, or pass them on to a friend or neighbour.

Anyone can take part. We are recruiting volunteers for each road to deliver the seeds and to be a contact for any household in the street who might need help with soil, or planting their seedling in a community bed. We are linking up with community groups Forest Flora, William Morris Big local and the Forest Recycling Project tool lending library in Priory Court.

This project hopes to enhance the ‘local walk’ which has become important to residents in recent months. The first seed drop is planned to take place summer/Autumn 2020.

Plant Pots
Plant Pots
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Bloom In Stow has been made possible by Waltham Forest Community Ward Funding
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