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Walthamstow Tool Library

The Community Library for Garden Tools

The library project was initiated by residents of William Morris Big Local, made possible by William Morris Big Local funding & is run by Forest Recycling Project as well as volunteers from Priory Court.

Tools are often quite costly, sometimes only used sporadically, but always require a lot of resources to produce. So why buy when you can borrow?

This is exactly why the Walthamstow Tool Library in Priory Court was set up.

The Walthamstow Tool Library is a joint project between Forest Recycling Project, William Morris Big Local and Waltham Forest Council and it has a special focus on garden tools. Their aim is to make garden tools accessible and affordable, so that everyone in Waltham Forest is able to green their yards, gardens, balconies, and community spaces.

Garden Spades and Forks
Garden Spades and Forks

The principle is simple: For only a small yearly membership fee you can choose tools from their online catalogue and borrow them for 7 days. Currently members can pick up their items between 1—5 on Friday afternoon at the tool shed in 2a Priory Court. Good condition tool donations are also always welcome and can be dropped off during their opening times.

We have great plans to eventually become a vibrant community hub that connects people and ideas to make our lives and surroundings greener, healthier and more inclusive!

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Walthamstow Tool Library
2 Priory Ct
London E17 5LS