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Richmond Road Pocket Park Community

An award winning small pocket park in Richmond Road, Leytonstone cared for by a team of dedicated volunteers.

A slow start

In 2016 Waltham Forest Council removed seven parking spaces to create a small pocket park in Richmond Road, Leytonstone.

As you can imagine there was some resistance to its presence. Matters were made worse when the planters were left empty for an entire year.

Residents form community gardening group

Resident Celia James became inspired by the results achieved by the volunteer gardeners in Walthamstow Village.

Celia motivated a group of residents to band together, committed to making their little park an asset to the community.

First season 3 1

Volunteers collaborate with Waltham Forest Borough Council

Initially there were 5 volunteers, including landscape gardener Simon Abbott who put together a planting plan that incorporated their ideas.

Waltham Forest Borough Council were very helpful, providing all the plants, compost and funds to purchase a water butt to enable the residents to look after the plants.

At the end of October 2017 Richmond Road Pocket Park was created.

A tough first year for the plants

Thereafter followed one of the longest toughest winters; The Beast from the East wreaked havoc on a number of the plants.

The troubles were compounded when the longest and hottest period of drought on record followed. By May 2018 the number of volunteers had grown to 19 and between them they set up a Watering Rota.

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Award winning

Despite the tough climatic conditions their efforts and hard work were recognized when they received two Awards in the London in Bloom competition.

Child gardening
A young volunteer at Richmond Road Pocket Park.