Queens Boundary Community Gardening Group

Queens Boundary Community

In Queens Boundary Community we want to help build a resilient local community. Inclusivity and community cohesion are important to us.

We help make local activities and events happen to bring us closer together... Facebook is our main tool for talking.

The Queens Boundary Community gardening group continues to meet on the first Sunday of every month at 10:00am at the Somerset Road / Wellesley Road flower beds. Coming once does not commit you to every month. The gardening is pretty basic. You don’t need to know a lot to help. However, everyone will really appreciate any contribution and caring for the planters and tree pits reduces the litter and results in a much pleasanter neighbourhood for us all.

Please do come and join us as we maintain the local flower beds that have been adopted since 2012. No previous gardening experience necessary!

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  • Queens Boundary Community Gardening Group
  • Flower Beds Somerset Road / Wellesley Road
  • Waltahmstow
  • E17