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Positive regeneration in Leyton

Ive Farm Community Garden is a true example of positive regeneration in Leyton. Formerly a run-down site where derelict sheds had become a meeting point for drug users and sex-workers, the ground used to be littered with used needles and condoms. It was a place to avoid.

Organic Gardening

Finally the council and London and Quadrant Housing, with the help of Organiclea, transformed the site into a garden with 15 raised growing beds, two communal beds, and a covered area with seating. It opened in March 2016. Local residents signed up for growing beds, and Organiclea helped them get started with a two year programme of workshops and activities, teaching them the foundations of organic gardening.

Early days

Community Bond Building

Today Ive Farm is a thriving community garden where residents are sharing gardening knowledge, food, and their love for nature. Gardening together has bonded a group which comes from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and religions. Residents who have lived in the area for twenty years or more are getting to know those who have recently moved in.

Opening day

Ive Farm future plans

The group meets regularly to work in the garden and eat together. Future plans include teaming up with a local charity to provide produce for a community kitchen, and making the garden a centre for well-being which can be used and shared by other local community groups.

Releated Events

Ive Farm

Open Day

Ive Farm Pocket Park, Leyton

Sunday 14th July 2019


Come and see what we’re growing, find out more about what we do, and get information about Organiclea.

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