Haseya Apothecary Garden

Where Mindfulness meets spiritual gardening

Haseya Apothecary Garden is now permanently closed

Based in Chingford Mount, the Haseya Apothecary Garden was a sacred space where people of all ages, background and circumstances were welcome to learn, work, relax.

Their mission was to build a community that embodies all the elements of Mother Nature to bring about harmony within our mind, body and spirit

The haseya

"We have some sad as well as exciting news to share!! We will be flying the nest of our Chingford apothecary garden earlier than we expected to create a bigger healing garden a small village in Slovakia 🇸🇰! We have 6mths to pack up and on to pastures new! Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey. It has been wonderful to see what we as a family could make here at Haseya. It’s been an amazing experience for our two children who have worked as hard as we have to bring this to fruition. And we have even bigger plans for our apothecary garden retreat. Look out for posts as we will be getting rid of a lot of gardening a equipment and tools, we will also be sharing the next chapter of our journey!"

Haseya - January 2nd 2022