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Burials in Bloom

Burials in Bloom is the brainwave of Walthamstow gardener Tim Hewitt.

St Marys Church Yard in Walthamstow is the largest green space in the village being home to hundreds of graves. But much of it was neglected and overgrown and beyond the scope of one gardener.

Tim’s idea was to invite volunteers to come and look after a single grave. Create their own mini garden in their own time. Buriels in bloom was set up in 2018 and 19 graves were adopted. In 2019 25 graves were being cared for. But there are many more that need some TLC.

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Volunteer with Burials in Bloom

So how do you become involved? The idea is a simple one. Have a look in the main churchyard, find a grave you want to look after, register your interest and start looking after it. It can be any time of the day you want. With as much or as little as you are able to do. Like Tesco, every little helps.

You get a small and manageable plot of land to experiment on. You might be experienced or have never gardened before, but that doesn’t matter, you can try things out just for the fun of it. You might want to make your plot into a wildlife friendly area, as several participants did last year. Or for no other reason than, gardening is gentle exercise and always good for your mind body and soul!

Whatever your motivation, Tim would love you to get involved with the new, improved Burials in Bloom 2020, and make a difference to your local community.

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