Woodland and shady-planted window boxes, planters and pots

Linda woodland window box

Susanna Grant and Louise Boyland met at Columbia Road Flower Market and bonded over the belief that everyone should have a window box

They opened, Linda, a dappled courtyard space in Hackney, this summer where they sell inky black and charcoal window boxes, planters and vintage terracotta pots full of lush, green perennials for shady sills, balconies and courtyards. All plants used are grown in the UK and sustainability is important:

“Packing your window boxes and baskets with bedding plants might give an immediate pop of colour but they are intensively farmed and require huge amounts of energy to grow and get replaced each year. The beauty of a garden is watching it come alive in the spring, sing in the summer and naturally die back at the end of the year and you only get that with perennials. It requires p atience but is so rewarding. All our boxes and pots are filled with specialist growing medium that’s full of nutrients and excellent drainage meaning the plants will flourish so they’re great for people who are not that confident gardening”

There will be always be a small, changing selection of vintage furniture and ceramics for sale alongside plants and look out for workshops later in the year.