Borrowed Light

Floral Studio

Borrowed Light logo. Initials with leaf design
Arrangement of cream and yellow flowers paired with wild foliage in simple glass bottle vases

At Borrowed Light Floral Studio we draw inspiration from the worlds of art and nature to create beautiful botanical compositions. We are dedicated to providing bespoke floral designs for events, weddings and contracts.

We met in 2010, working together as florists in London. We have over 30 years experience in the floral industry between us.

Claudia trained in Germany and has worked in central London for 5 star hotels, creating designs for celebrities and Royal families.

Sarah has a background in the Art industry, having trained as a curator and worked on large scale installations for galleries. Inspired by her great grandmother, who had been a botanist at Kew, she re–trained as a florist and has been working with plants and flowers ever since.

We are passionate about good design, constantly looking for sources of inspiration, stretching from art to the great outdoors, all of which feeds into our work.

Favouring British grown flora and eco friendly products, we create high quality and impactful designs in a sustainable way. We also grow some of our own flowers and foliage on our allotment.