Sunflower Competition: Sowing and Growing Instructions.

28th Apr 2020

Darcy Coles-Gubb
Darcy Coles-Gubb sowing seeds

You will need:

Peat-free seed compost

Sunflower seeds

Seed tray or an egg carton


And a sunny spot inside.

  1. 1. First you get your sunflower seed and your seed tray.
  1. 2. Then you fill your tray with compost, lift the container and tap down on to a surface twice. This settles the compost and air.
  1. 3. Then you water the compost, thoroughly
  1. 4. Now, make a little hole with your finger, 2cm deep, then pop your seed in.
  1. 5. Then cover it up with excess compost and press gently to make contact for the seed
  1. 6. Now put your container or tray in a warm place inside until you see it sprout. Then put it on a sunny space or window until it's around 10cm. Do not plant out until mid-end of May. Or follow us on instagram @stowandgrow or @thepilotmagazine for advice and updates

The lovely garden company Lancasters @lancastersonline have offered us a £20 voucher for the tallest sunflower grown.

Judging by remote means, send a photo to @stowandgrow by 15th September 2020.

If you can use a tape measured your photo or be creative in how you can show us it's height, stack cans of beans?

Happy planting everyone, big & small, love from The Stow & Grow gals 🌻

Yellow Sunflower
Helianthus annuus AKA Big Yellow Sunflower (Image supplied by Amanda Jasenska).
Mark Cummings