Forest Flora is an umbrella organisation based in Waltham Forest for people passionate about plants and flowers.

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Who we are

Forest Flora include a diverse range of groups and individuals working with plants from artists, designers, chefs, garden designers, florists and community gardening groups. We are a showcase and meeting point for a number of the amazing groups already working in the borough.

For our first year and in celebration of the London Borough of Culture, Forest Flora will deliver a trail showcasing the transformation of public spaces, as well as providing free workshops and volunteering opportunities for people across the borough.


  • Produce and maintain a website that gives the public information about existing horticultural locations and events across the borough of Waltham Forest.
  • Publicise horticulture volunteering opportunities across the borough.
  • Identify new areas within the borough that can be responsibly developed as pockets of sustainable horticultural excellence that are open to the public free of charge.
  • Enhance sustainably the biodiversity of the borough.
  • Raise the profile of horticulture as a skilled career.
  • Acknowledge and promote the importance of botany and horticulture as a means to improve mental and physical health and wellbeing in the borough and beyond.
  • Collaborate with artists, writers and professions allied to horticulture.

What we do

Provide volunteering opportunities

Coming soon... Find hundreds of volunteering opportunities across the borough in gardening groups creating flora-inspired public artworks.

Offer Workshops

Coming soon... Trained professionals and individuals with years of relevant experience will deliver workshops providing participants with valuable skills, culminating in a ten-day trail of artistic events.

Improve public spaces

We help communities across the borough transform under-utilised spaces, turning them into social areas. Where possible we will try and assist with project funding support for materials. Contact us to discuss this further. Here are some of the projects that we have worked with to help promote or part fund in 2018/2019.

• Thomas Gamuel Park

• Francis Road

• Ready Steady Grow

Nurture a network

Our aim for this first year is to establish a strong network of community led projects and projects within the local area. This will take the form of a digital hub through which community groups can support each other, advertise events or volunteering opportunities and act as an inspiration for other community-led regeneration projects.

Manage our environment better

The regeneration of public spaces using plants to create wildlife corridors with the purpose of:

  • Mitigating air pollution and greater carbon capture
  • Supporting biodiversity in flora and fauna, especially pollinators
  • Enhancing residents’ wellbeing through greater contact with the natural environment
  • Improving the management of rainwater run off and reducing the risk of flooding

Facilitate Learning

Training in horticulture and related subjects has seen a rapid decline in recent years. There are many careers that focus on flora and we have a great number of highly skilled workers in the borough who are a testament to these rewarding professions. Forest Flora hopes to inspire and engage a new generation of budding horticulturalists through improving access to work experience and volunteering among high level professionals.